Monika Simeon’s visit to Germany

1. YWCA GERMAN VISIT; Stuttgart, Oct. 12-16, 2012

Monika Simeon with Godlind Bigalke The board meeting end on 12 October 2012 with dinner with WYWCA board members and Donor Agencies but I could not attend the dinner because I have to travel to Stuttgart – German at 7 pm. It was my new experience to travel with train in Europe and the worst part is that it was in the night and the language, passages speak Swiss and German but I manage to get a friendly passage that we travelled together until—– where I change in the train to Manheim. I arrived in Manheim at 22:22 where grandmother Ursula Luders met me. There was only 8 min to change the train to Stuttgart, she was afraid that the train may leave me and I might get lost. On our arrival in Stuttgart her husband Mr. Luders meet us at the main station and they took me to their resident where I stayed with them from 12 to 16 October 2012. I enjoyed their hospitality support and care.



Monika Simeon with Godlind Bigalke (left)

Their annual general meeting started at 14:00hr on 13 October 2012 with 20+- participants from different towns around German. The meeting started with the welcoming remark by the National Secretary, followed by the President speech. The treasurer gave financial report which was short and brief, it was very interesting, and the only problem was the language. They are also supporting one project in Uganda as per their annual report. After the Annual general meeting they call Mr. Helmut a brother to bishop Helmut of German Evangelical Luther Namibia to show power point presentation about Namibia.

After his presentation I was given a chance to present my presentation about our YWCA of Namibia. Thereafter they were questioning about Namibia in general and YWCA in particular. I even met my relative who is married to a German and their house is in Stuttgart, they came to visit me at the YWCA office.

Monika Simeon at the FIZ

Monika Simeon (left) at the FIZ


Sunday 14 October 2012 they took me to a Hospice Church service, to the Women’s Information Centre where I found out that the problems of helping women in distress where just the same here and there. I also visited the Traveller’s Aid Bureau at the main station and a newly renovated study and training centre on the outskirts of Stuttgart run by the Protestant church plus some tourist attractions. We went to do shopping with Mrs. Luders and visited Catholic Church where we light candle for YWCA –Namibia.

They gave me toys and material for our needlework project, there are women who will fundraise for our new sewing machine. Mrs. Luders also bought different seeds which I brought home.


  • They promise to do fundraising for YWCA of Namibia as per our future plan I presented to them.
  • They recommended that YWCA’s in Europe should empower YWCA’s in Africa with leadership skills.
  • They would like the YWCA of Namibia to identify youth to go to YWCA of German to be trained in different skills but they advised that the youth should be trained in German language locally before they go to German for one year voluntary work; the trainings are in kindergarten and nursing or any other identified field with the purpose to come back to work for YWCA –Namibia.
  • They recommended that they really want to help our young members to develop but they had bad reputation with young people from Africa after training they marry Germans. We should encourage our young people to go and acquire skill and come back to build our YWCA in Africa.


During my visit I learn a lot and build my experience capacity. I learned how women are working hard and most of them are senior citizens. The women of German never sit they are always busy and they do not work alone, they work with their partners more especially the Luders family who hosted me during my visit I thank them very much and wishing them blessings from the almighty. My appreciation goes to YWCA of Namibia giving me the space so that I can get this opportunity. WYWCAs thanks a lot for voting me as your world board may be if I was not a board member I couldn’t get this chance. I am looking forward to work with YWCA of German to develop YWCA –Namibia youth members.

Monika Simeon, General Secretary YWCA Namibia

J. M. Hofnie (President), Taimi Kapelwa (Treasurer), Monika Simeon (General Secretary),Iiyambo Kaarina (Youth Cordinator), Additional members Mrs. Nelago Kasuto, Mrs Abigail Chipare, Mrs. Patience Mubita.

Download: Monika Simeons Report – Visit to Stuttgart, October 2012